Francis is a bitch

I`m still waiting
for the perfect weather
but all I can hear
is the rain
and for 90 days now
I don’t know what a little shirt is

also, I can notice
that’s some call spirit of
never show your face
at least, not for me
no magic from the smoke
you know:
some of the cars here are electrical
– get this

But there is something more
that nobody `ll never tell
even the books from travels agency
are sealed
either do I
– this poem is not an oracle for something

What I can say
is that everybody is
who wanna be
even those already lost
one day were once in love
or at least
had a suspicion of
in some acid trip
(this is California)
until the boys from everywhere
dragging their Adidas sandals
turning around
the homeless guy
with his little cardboard sign
where you can read:
Give me at least a smile
when, you know,
you should give a dollar (for god sakes)

but the somewhere boy
is always thinking
of instagram
and taking pictures
of animals in the zoo
so he could show
how smart and cool he is
reporting this crazy city
where he now lives
playing the guilty card
to kill the love
that once was there
turning down
all those freaks
that sleep facing his 5 figures bucks condo
(the studio apartment)

I`m still waiting
for the love at first sight
but I`m here for 90 days now
and all I can think of is that
this city is playing a hard game
with me.